ET&WNC Jackson & Sharp Coaches

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With the first set of coaches arriving to the ET&WNC RR in 1917, and two more arriving in '21 for the Linville River Railroad, the Jackson & Sharp coaches carried thousands of passengers on the line from Johnson City, TN to Cranberry, NC (extending to Boone in 1919). The coaches seated 48 passengers in each car, with the exception of #17, which held 50 passengers. Coach #17 was the only car lacking a partition, about 2/3rds of the way through the car, which was a requirement during the Jim Crowe era when these cars operated. Cars 16, 19, & 20 all had partitions; additionally, they had a stove and bathroom at each end. Coach 17 was the oddball with only one stove, with an additional seat in place of where the 2nd stove sits in the other coaches.

About the Model

We are proud to announce that this is the first commercially produced model of the Jackson & Sharp coaches, available to you in 4 scales! Designs of the model were based on the drawings found in the 2001 September/Octber edition of the Narrow Gauge Gazette (Cass drawing). This model features immense detail including the unique architecture of Jackson & Sharp coaches and a full-interior (complete with seats, decorative crown molding & wood paneling, bathroom details, doors, and stove(s)). Additionally, a huge thank you to Johhny Graybeal for providing Merritt3D with photographs from his private collection for the design process. The photographs provided show interior and exterior details not found in other publically available photos, helping us to continue the tradition of providing historically accurate models for our customers. Thank you, Johnny!

These models includes a separate body and roof for interior detailing and viewing. Additioanlly, the diaphragms are not printed on the models to allow for operational functionality. Instead, a kit is included to make your own paper diaphragms with 3D printed end pieces, instructions provided. The paper diaphragms allow these coaches to take sharper turns with ease on your layout. Additional diaphragm kits can be purchased here.


Two variations are available for these coaches, Version A and Version B. See the following for more information on the variations:

  • Version A (coaches 16, 19, & 20): Includes a partitioned interior representing the historically accurate separation between "white" and "colored" people seen during the time period when these coaches were in service. This variation includes two stoves, one on either end.
  • Version B (coach 17): This variation has no partion, and only one stove. The space, where the second stove would have been, was replaced by one additional seat and a single arched window.

1 vs. 4 Pack

To offer a complete set, as the ET&WNC/LRR owned, we are offering a 4 pack at a discounted rate. The 4 pack includes coaches 16, 17, 19, & 20. This means the 4 pack includes 3 of the version A coaches and 1 of the version B coaches in the set. The 4 pack is set at a 10% discount from regular pricing.

What's in the Box

This kit Includes:

  • 3D Printed Body
    • Interior detail included!
  • 3D Printed Roof
  • Diaphragm Kit
  • Clear Plastic Window Glass Inserts


  • No additional details provided


  • 4 – 18" Drop Grabirons
  • 8 – 24" Grabirons


  • 2 – 8" length of wire for Sn3 Grabirons


  • 4 – 18" Drop Grabirons
  • 8 – 24" Grabirons

This kit requires the following for completion: