ET&WNC Mileposts

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Mileposts marked the distance from the Johnson City Depot along the nearly 66 mile route to Boone, NC. Mileposts are sold in sets of 35 pieces. The following milepost numbers are included with each cooresponding section of the railroad:

  • Johnson City to Cranberry: 0-34
  • Cranberry to Boone: 34-65 (44-46 duplicated for branch to Pineola)

This model of the ET&WNC mileposts was created using measurements recorded by Kenneth Anderson and Johnny Graybeal in 1992, found on page 15 of the Blue Ridge Stemwinder Magazine Volume 4 Number 4. Each post was made from wood and featured a 90 degree roof cut. This model includes a spike attached to the bottom of the post to allow for easy installation onto any layout.


  • Post - White
  • Lettering - Black

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