ET&WNC Caboose 503

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The ET&WNC caboose 503 served the ET&WNC railroad for many years and could be uniquely identified by its’ lack of a copula. Because of this, it received the nickname of the “copula-less caboose”. In its’ later years, the caboose could be found at Cranberry, NC serving as a bachelor pad for Cy Crumbly, the locally well-known conductor who served the railroad for 54 years. 

This highly detailed model makes for a unique caboose to add to your narrow gauge HOn3 railroad. Other scales are available upon request, however this model is designed for HOn3 Kadee couplers and for HOn3 trucks. 

ET&WNC Caboose 503 with Simplex body bolster. To complete your model, add grab irons, trucks, couplers, paint, and decal to your liking.

For a full history on ET&WNC freight cars and cabooses, see Johnny Graybeal’s Along the ET&WNC  vol 4/5  (Freight cars) available from Tarheel Press.

This kit Includes:

  • 3D Printed Body & Frame
  • 4 – 18″ Grab Irons
  • 4 – 24″ Grab Irons
  • 4 – Corner Grab Irons
  • 4 – Caboose Curved Grab Irons
  • 2 – Ladders
  • 2 – 8″ Length of wire for platform handrails
  • 1 – 1″ Length of wire for brake shaft
  • 1 – Caboose Railing Bending Jig


This kit requires the following for completion:

  • Kadee Couplers
    • HO Scale: #705, #713 or #714
  • Simplex Trucks, Or TR01 McCord Trucks
  • Brake Details (optional)
  • Paint
  • Decals