ET&WNC Whistle Posts

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Whistle posts provided engineer's with advance notice of a road crossing, giving the engineer time to blow the whistle in a sequence of - - · - (where - denotes a long whistle and  · denotes a short blast of the whistle). This was standard across the country to blow the whistle in this sequence for crossings, and is still a federally mandated practice. Whistle posts could also be found 20 feet before bridges.

This model of the ET&WNC whistle posts was created using measurements recorded by Kenneth Anderson and Johnny Graybeal in 1992, found on page 15 of the Blue Ridge Stemwinder Magazine Volume 4 Number 4. Each post was made from wood and featured a 90 degree roof cut. This model includes a spike attached to the bottom of the post to allow for easy installation onto any layout.


  • Post - White
  • Lettering - Black

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